Royal Opera House Will Reopen After 23 Years With The Jio MAMI Film Fest

Nupur posted on 06 October


The Royal Opera House, one of the most iconic performing arts venue in the city is all set to re-open in Girgaun after 23 years and here’s why you should head there.

What Is It?

Imagine witnessing a play or an opera act in a theatre as old as the advent of cinema. Imagine soaking yourself in the old world charm of baroque-style architecture and embellished ceilings and facades – that’s what the royal opera house will bring back after 23 long years of living in oblivion. Built in 1911 and bought by the Maharaja of Gondal in 1953, the monument was the epicenter of arts in the city and a host to the creme de la creme.

After its restoration, the opera house will come back to life – with modern technology and a contemporary twist on its interiors. A 500-seater auditorium and a dome embellished with paintings, the Opera House in its new garb will have cutting-edge acoustics {from Harman},stagecraft, lighting and air-conditioning.The opening ceremony of Jio MAMI 18th Mumbai Film Festival on 20th October will see the rise of this phoenix.

So, We're Thinking...

While it is an architectural marvel in itself, we’re excited about having another cultural avenue in the city apart from NCPA and Prithvi Theatre. It’ll play host to theatre, opera and movie screenings. We’re excited about adding another cool thing to check out in South Mumbai.