This Brand Is Turning Olives Into Snacktime Nibbles And We Love It!

What Makes It Awesome

It adds a hint of umami flavour in our martinis. It is on every pizza as a topping. It can be had with any sort of bread and can be used in so many forms. Yep, we're talking about olives. We've found a brand that now makes us see olives in a whole new light. We've found Flavure! We like this as it's a little different from what we've seen on the shelves before. This brand's making olives into a go-to snack. Expect quality Greek olives, seasoned with olive oil and a blast of flavours packed in easy-to-eat packets. 

Expect flavours like chilli & garlic, chilli and oregano as options. If you're a binge snacker (like us!) and are up to experiment a little, order in these packets now. And be rest assured about quality. Each packet is gluten-free, preservative-free and 100% natural.

Get a pack of 3 at INR 120. Now, if you love it, next time, call for a pack of 12. Because, why not? 

What Could Be Better

We'd love to see a whole range of flavours as options!