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We Found Herbal And Premium Teas Online From Teamonk

    What Makes It Awesome

    What's better than a cup of soothing tea, right? And we sipped our way through this online brand's collection! Teamonk's got a wide collection of both premium teas and herbal teas for when you need something to soothe you down rather than pump you up - we know some of us are trying to cut down on that caffeine intake!

    Love an earthy Oolong? Then you've gotta try the Teamonk Oolong Tea or if you love a hit of cinnamon in your drinks then we totally think the Nilgiri Cinnamon Green Tea For Weight Loss is a great choice. If you haven't cottoned on to the white tea trend yet, you can get started on that with their Kimaya Darjeeling Loose Leaf White Tea. 

    You can go ahead and order these teas online at Shop on LBB. Give your tea collection a little bit of a boost with the tea collection from Teamonk. Prices start at INR 225.


    Shop their collection online on Shop LBB