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Get Juicy Mutton Burgers, Keema Pav And More From This Oshiwara Home Chef

Jayati posted on 08 June


Pettoos is a gourmet home-delivery kitchen in Oshiwara run by chef Sanjay Malkani which was previously a food truck. They make delish home-made burgers, keema pavs and more, all at an affordable cost.

Fix Yourself With Comfort Food

There’s nothing more satisfying than ordering a juicy, homemade burger overflowing with cheese at home, putting our legs up and binge watching Netflix. It’s the next best thing to eating that burger. Pettoos is that comfort space for you, order in and gorge on them .

The founders, Sanjay Malkani and his son, Sharanjay Malkani run it out of their central kitchen in Oshiwara. Chef Sanjay has previously worked with the Oberoi hotel, Orchid hotel, and other brands. Therefore, he brings in his expertise and skills of working in the hospitality business of years.


Chow Down

The menu is pretty concise but has plenty to choose from. They have a section of premium burgers, Desi food {a quirky take on the Indian dishes} with a little bit of global cuisine thrown in too.

The burgers are absolutely delightful, juicy and topped with oodles and oodles of cheese. We especially recommend the mutton megalodon {INR 250} which is stuffed with two minced patties, mixed with cheddar, caramelised onions with hints of mint thrown in. Other loaded burgers include classic mutton burger {INR 130}, classic chicken burger {INR 130}, the big Persian {which borrows the Parsi flavours}. For the vegetarians they offer Macin’ It {INR 180} which is a patty made with mac and cheese and a classic veg burger {INR 120}.

However, if you’re looking for something else, they also Pop’s keema pav {INR 250} which is pav stuffed with lamb minced filling, nani’s choley kulchey, paneer kathi roll and so much more.

So, We're Saying...

Pettoos is all about giving in to your cravings when you’re hungry and looking for something delicious yet affordable.

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