This Brand's Got Floral Honey That Is Out Of This World

What Makes It Awesome

Innumerable health benefits, a great alternative to sugar, rich in antioxidants, and of course its sweetness - are some reasons why this thick golden liquid has garnered so many loyal fans. From using it in kadhas during sickness to adding it to your smoothie - almost every Indian household loves honey. And if you're like really into honey (like some of our friends and family), we've found an amazing local brand called Melfons. Melfons when translated means 'honey source'.

It was started with a clear objective of offering pure and authentic honey from the most skilled beekeepers who follow the best practices of honey keeping. As of now, they're offering only 2 options - Indian Jamun Honey and Indian Nilgiri Honey. And these both of these are sourced from seasonal florals, which make these so special. The former is made from rare jamuns that bloom once a year. This one's little bittersweet and is known to perform wonders on your skin. 

Their second one, the Nilgiri, is equally special and rare. It's sourced from Satpura Hills in Madhya Pradesh from bees foraging on the eucalyptus flower. This honey is best known to clear cough, ease breathing and also act as a pain reliever when applied on a wound.

Both of these are ideal when consumed during breakfast. These bottles of 250 gms come at INR 250. You can place an order on their website or even DM them on Instagram.