Turn Your Bedroom Into A Pinterest-y Dream With These Neon Lights

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    What Makes It Awesome

    From dazzling huge walls in our city's iconic restaurants to dominating the lighting trend feed on Pinterest - neon signage and lights are here to stay. And, jumping into this bandwagon is a sibling trio - Kartik, Reva and Hardik Kedia - who've kickstarted a cool e-store dedicated entirely to neon signs called 'Neon Attack'. It came to be when these folks were on the hunt for LED neon sign for their room and didn't really find many options online. They then decided to make one themselves, and voila, this idea of a new venture was born. They succeeded even in making one from scratch. But that was not it, as there was no stopping from there. And the next thing we know, Neon Attack was born in January 2021. 

    As you've guessed, these guys offer fully customisable neon signs for homes, businesses and events. The best part? Their website's got an awesome online neon sign builder where you can customise your very own sign board right there - on the spot. So, you can add in your text, add a font size, pick a colour and see how your neon sign will look before ordering it. 

    The prices of their services starts at INR 3,000 and upwards. 

    Nike Air Jordan, Good Vibes Only and VIBIN are some of their best selling and most demanded styles. Just in case you're confused about what to do for your room or space. However, if you're looking to infuse your personality through these neon signs, think of a theme, hit them up on a call or message and they're more than happy to brainstorm some fun and cool ideas with you. 

      Available Online