Ten-Second Takeaway

The Hoppipola outlet at Khar that had closed for renovation is all set to reopen on Friday, October 7, with a new menu featuring edible shots, bento boxes and more.

Chow Down

The menu has gone though a makeover with the new menu having three themes – eat, drink and play. The food menu, while having most of the old dishes, now has an offering of vegetarian and non-vegetarian bento boxes. That’s right – drink and indulge in some wasabi-loving Japanese cuisine. {Also try this Japanese cheesecake if you’re in the mood.}

Besides this, the bar has also has revamped its interiors with gorgeous eclectic chandeliers, and a private space called ‘The Drawing Room’ for hosting private parties.

Sip On


A fantastic addition to the menu, the ‘Drink’ selection now features edible shots, and no, we are not joking. These edible shots look like ordinary food dishes, like the Oreo biscuits, but once you bite, voila, you get an alcohol hit of Old Monk. They also have Cafe Neto {a cupcake filled with jager}, a fruck-tose watermelon shot, or if you’re looking for some Christmas festivity, go for the Swister shit – oozing with our favourite holiday drink, Bailey’s.

You can also one go up against your friends, and play a round of beer pong or flip cup – which will be available there.

So, We’re Saying…

Though Sigur Ros’s song skips the edible shots {lyrics are make-belief anyway}, Hoppipola at Khar is all about shots-loving people looking for delicious ways to get out and have fun. Step out to Khar and let the first round be on your friend.

Photos courtesy: Hoppipola