Dreaming Of Paranthe And Lassi? Then Be Sure To Check Out This Place

    Lower Parel, Mumbai

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Oye Kake: This restaurant is very comforting and is situated in the commercial heart of Mumbai, Lower Parel, Kamla Mills compound.  I had fantasized on a high level about the Punjabi kebabs and Chicken tandoors that I'd relish before reaching Oye Kake, but wait, as soon as I entered and saw the menu, It's Vegetarian. It didn't dishearten me though because I've experienced this in the past that sometimes you don't miss Non-vegetarian when Vegetarian can be so good which was exactly the case here!  The servers were delighted to serve food and I appreciate their service. The interiors are basic and modest.  What I Tried?  DAHI KE KEBAB  Soft hung curd crumbled together and deep fried resulting into a crispy coating with the softness of curd inside. Served with mint chutney. Adding a little more cardamom and a little dry fruit can do wonders to this dish.  MIRCH LASSONI PANEER TIKKA  Oh wow! This was yummy indeed. I like garlicky food and this was apt for my palate. It had a garlic marinade over and above with chopped garlic and chilly served under a glass lid of smoke adding more flavour to the dish.  AMRITSARI MASALA PAPAD  While we waited for our mains, we munched on this papad which had coriander, tomato, onion and chaat masala and chillies.  CHEESE GARLIC KULCHA  The best part. The thickness of kulcha was fantastic as there was a lot of cheese stuffed and hints of garlic made it yummier. Recommended.  PYAAZ PANEER PARATHA  This was served with a bowl of dal makhni and curd. Really liked it.  VEG KHASIYAT  This was the most recommended dish here and I went for this and I'm glad i did. It's mixed vegetables in 2 gravies (green and orange) topped with cream. They also added nuts and paneer to this to make it even more delicious. Highly recommended.  DRY FRUIT LASSI  Punjabi meal is totally incomplete without Lassi. This was sinful with nuts and a tinge of rose syrup. Must order! AMRITSARI FRUIT CREAM  Ending my meal on a sweet note with the North Indian delicacy, this had a mix of pomegranate, grapes and only suggestion would be to keep the cream a little thicker and less cold during winters.  What a meal! I would highly recommend people to visit this place!

    How Much Did It Cost?

    INR 1,000 - INR 3,000
      Lower Parel, Mumbai