Ten-Second Takeaway

This dish has been spoken about a lot, but it bears repeating – the Parle G Cheesecake at Farzi Cafe is everything you want from a dessert – nostalgia, comfort, and amazing taste.

What Is It?

Photo courtesy: Hungry Duo

Photo courtesy: The Hungry Duo

When old meets new and east meets west, it is always a blast! This Parle-G cheesecake is everything nice put together on a plate.

The desi Parle-G put together with the videshi cream cheese and our all-time favorite rabdi brings a lot of taste on the platter. Get a taste of the sweet rabri, sour cheesecake and crunchy Parle-G altogether with this brilliant creation at the Farzi Cafe.

So, We’re Saying…

At INR 299, this is a steal. You need to head there immediately.

Featured photo courtesy: Farzi Cafe