This Service Will Take Care of Your FurBabies While You Travel!

    What Makes It Awesome

    Pet parents, meet ‘Guardian Of The Purr’ - a pet-sitting service that’ll take care of your baby while you’re on a vacation. How many times have you begged your bai to go and feed your pets/check on them while you’re away? We’d say, we have a couple of times and it’s sort of inconvenient. To tackle this problem for pet parents, Yashashree Kale and Mehar Chumble started Guardian Of The Purr in 2016. The idea is to make your pet (they babysit cats, birds, dogs and rabbits) feel at home (while they sit them at your home) when you’re away.

    Starting at INR 600 per visit, they will feed your pets, play with them and well, take care of them. Yashashree has worked with The Cat Cafe Studio, so she’s trained to look after them. While most services ask you to drop your pet at their creche, most pet parents don’t want to leave their babies at a location alien to them, so this works perfectly well for when you’re away for a few days.

    While chatting with the owners, we were told that they're on the lookout for like-minded souls who would like to volunteer for such a noble cause. So, if you are that person or know of anyone else just like that, lend a helping hand we say! 

    We’re ecstatic that pet sitting, like the rest of the world, is becoming a part of our lifestyle in Mumbai. Much needed and appreciated by the pet parents, BTW. You can contact them on +919920118771.