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A New Pizzeria Opening In Khar Will Have Crusts That Are 'Just Right'

Jayati posted on 12 November

Ten-Second Takeaway

Pi Pizzeria is making its way to Mumbai {to Khar West} and we have the details on their pizzas and more.

Keeping It Real

Pi Pizzeria, by Shaamil Amin, will be opening its door to the public in two weeks {so we've been told} at their restaurant in Khar West. We've been told they'll be making the pizzas that they've been making all along - so do not expect the pizzas to come loaded with the regular Indian twists.

Chow Down

This European brand will be offering up its authentic European connection - as all the ingredients used in the making of the pizza will be sourced from around Europe to create that perfect pizza for you.  With its 20-seater pizzeria in Khar, they will be offering a quick delivery service as well.

Photo source: Pi Pizzeria

Photo source: Pi Pizzeria

The pizzas will be the classic 10-inch pizzas, with medium thickness to their crusts - so that's not too thick nor too thin. They'll also be serving desserts from tiramisu to hot chocolate fudge - to end our pizza indulgence on a  sweet note.

So, We're Saying…

We're eagerly awaiting to order in a classic 10 inch pizza for the movie night - with extra extra cheese on top.

Featured photo source: Flickr

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