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    Pik An Atire Will Let You Try Out Ethnic Outfits Before You Rent Them

    Apoorva posted on 04 October

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Need something new for the festive season but don’t want to blow up your cash? Pik An Atire, an apparel rental outfit, will even let you try out the clothes you want before you take them for your events.

    What To Shop

    We discovered Pik An Atire on Instagram, while trawling through some beautiful outfits, looking for inspiration for what to wear to our next Diwali party. What we like about them the most – besides their outfits – is the fact that they allow you to try out the outfits you want before you take them for rental. While we’ve seen a lot of rental options in town, we like this one for its focus on ethnic wear.

    Here’s how it works – you pick out the outfit you want from their Instagram, or you call them and ask them for the catalogue which will then be shared with you. The company then allows you to try on the clothes, after which, if everything works out, you can rent them for a nominal fee.

    The clothes that we liked included their anarkalis, beautiful saris by designer Shyam Narayan, backless blouses in vibrant shades of green and red, and ethnic crop tops with cholis and lehengas as well. Check out their Instagram account here to see their collection. {Maybe you could pair them with an ikat jacket?}

    So, We're Saying...

    The rental prices start at INR 1,500 for four days, which seems worth it to us. We say you should definitely check them out.

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    Pik An Atire