Ten-Second Takeaway

The Quirk Box has a set of character embroidered pins now available at a discount. We explore the collection and more.

What to Buy

Pins that spell out your state of mind – Slayin’ for a good/bad day, ‘Disco’ for a peppy day out/night and a heart pin {It’s an L-shaped pin so it’s open to interpretation} to pin on your bag starting INR 240 .

They also have cutesy bow-ties that let you revel in the ‘I’m too cute for this’ phase of your life. They are available at INR 150 for a set of two.

So We’re Thinking…

If you’re a collector of off-beat but impactful accessories, bookmark these. They not only add that something extra to an outfit, but also make for great gifts under INR 500.

Buy them here.

Cost: INR 240 upwards

Featured photo source: Quirkbox