In Pizza We Crust: Mumbai Central's Got An Automatic Pizza Vending Machine

Shaili posted on 24 January

You Want A Pizza This?

What if we tell you that you can have pizza while you wait for your train at Mumbai Central station? 

IRCTC has installed an instant pizza vending machine at the station, that prepares fresh pizzas within 5 minutes, at a pretty reasonable sum.

According to this report, Mumbai Central has become the first railway station in India to get an instant pizza vending machine. The machine is sourced from Yess Pizza, one of the first restaurants in India to serve instant pizza out of a machine.

All you have to do is simply insert money and select the pizza of your choice. The machine then prepares the dough, adding all the toppings and bakes the pizza in real time. Not just this, you can pick and choose from other nibbles like french fries, popcorn, ice-cream and fruit juice, as per this report.

The IRCTC has been really active, trying to improve the catering quality in trains, and installing vending kiosks like this are a part of their initiative. They have also recently opened new base kitchens in Allahabad, Balasore, Kharagpur, Howrah and Noida. 

Waiting for a train has never felt this satisfying, don't you think?