From Cutlery To Steel Straws: 5 Alternatives To Plastic For A More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Nupur posted on 23 May

The spiralling sense of guilt. The harm you cause every second to the environment. Plastic usage is really the worst thing that you can do to right now. Whether it’s straws that end up killing creatures of the sea or menstrual pads ending up in wastelands, it’s happening because of plastic usage.

Menstrual Cups

You can entirely skip the process of disposal of your sanitary pad if you use menstrual cups. Sure, it may be a little inconvenient the first time you use it, but that’s a small price to pay to avoid mounds of plastic in the environment. Made out of silicone, some of them may not be biodegradable, but you can recycle them after a lifetime of use. Buy it here. Or you can switch to reusable pads.

Bio-Degradable Cutlery

Restaurants often end up using plastic cutlery that ends up in bins as soon as you are done eating, leading to waste. The replacement is bio-degradable cutlery or just asking the delivery service to skip the cutlery and use your own. We also found edible cutlery! Check it out here.

Steel Straws

Straws really screw up the environment single-handedly. This one-time use commodity often ends up at the sea and pokes the sea creatures the wrong way. Not only do they often end up ingesting it, they also sometimes get stuck in their nasal cavity, causing them problems. You can buy it here.

Bamboo Toothbrush And Combs

Skip those toothbrush ads that prod you to invest in plastic toothbrushes. Instead, invest in bamboo toothbrushes that come closest to what our ancestors used – need bark. They are not only efficient but will also rid you of the guilt of using plastic. Same for combs, choose a bamboo comb that will sort out your hair the natural way. Buy a bamboo toothbrush here and comb here.

Shopping Bags

This one’s a no-brainer. With Maharashtra’s plastic ban, we cannot reiterate the fact enough that it’s okay to carry cloth bags to stores, just like our parents did. Plastic bags can be reused, true, but can the damage they cause be reversed? No. Cloth bags look cool and are stronger plastic bags. Buy them here.