What Is It?

Main Lover is a play with monologues, artwork, multimedia projections and even light pop/electronic music – catch it at Chatterjee & Lal’s art gallery.

Who Is It For?

If the lack of privacy in today’s digital world freaks you out a little, you should check out this play. The play is about three celebrities who must deal with the professional hazards that come with fame. It engages the audience with issues like surveillance in the times of ‘connecting with the fans’, hyper-celebrity and the social media frenzy that haunts the current generation.

Main Lover explores how their involvement with each other comes with its own set of emotional and psychological complexities. It also touches base with a young girl’s dream to get online validation and the struggle to search for intimacy in real life – a ground reality that faces the celebrities across the global thanks to the explosion of Instagram, Snapchat and other mediums.

Why Should I Go?

The play deals with a very relevant question regarding our current social media-obsessed culture. You should go because it might lend some light to a constant battle we face – between living overtly ‘social’ lives online, and dealing with our internal struggles simultaneously.

Anything Else?

It’s a non-ticketed and non-paying event as the rule is – pay as you like {and you must, for the sake of art}.

What: Main Lover

Where: Chatterjee and Lal Art Gallery, Arthur Bunder Road, 1/18, Floor 1, Kamal Mansion

When: 7pm to 10pm, Oct 5

Find the event on Facebook here.

Featured photo source: Main Lover