Nature-Inspired Journals Or Yoga-Inspired Tees: Buy Both & More From Play Clan


    What Makes It Awesome?

    If you're looking to add quirky clothing to your wardrobe, or maybe buy journals with cutesy birds on them, or décor that adds a cozy vibe to your space, bookmarking an offbeat brand like Play Can, is a great idea, we'd say! Don't believe us? Here's some more deets. Go read on. 

    This Delhi-based brand was one of the first to make the word ‘kitsch’ a part of our vocabulary when it first came about in 2008. Using fun graphics rooted in a strong sense of Indian culture and folklore, Plan Clan adds spunk to everything you use – from a t-shirt you’d put on, the mug you’d drink coffee from, the cushion cover you’d plump up on your couch or that notebook you’d jot down the to-do list on. Each of their tees tells a story. There are Yoga-inspired ones, ones that depict Varanasi's culture, Buddha-themed, Nature-themed, and even Kashmir-themed. Girls, you will also love their embroidered and handpainted dresses, kurtas and tunics. 

    If you're fond of collecting quirky accessories or stationery, go for their triangle cases and wallets in colorful prints, or the beautiful tote bags that are either tribal-themed or nature-inspired. They've got journals, eye-masks, coasters, cushions, embroidered art, and so much more that you cannot help falling for. Whether you’re looking to do up your home, get a gift for someone (or yourself), Play Clan is the brand to turn to. Especially if you like bright colors, pop and kitsch rolled into one.

    Shell Out: INR 600 to INR 2,500


    Play Clan is available on Shop on LBB too!