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Podcasting Is The Next Big Thing & Here’s How You Can Get Started!


What Makes It Awesome

Passing time at home during the lockdown is super tough. But, thanks to the internet, we have tons of options in terms of online courses and classes to amp up our skills. If you’ve been in an endless loop trying to figure out what to learn, you’re in luck as we have a pretty cool recommendation - podcasting! It's a perfect blend of information and entertainment right at your fingertips.That is the beauty of a podcast, and today they are more popular than ever! Here’s why we feel everybody should be a part of this less explored universe of content creation. 

Podcasts are an excellent way to consume some intelligent content while also carrying out other errands. They are the perfect companion for all our mundane quarantine chores - whether you are doing the dishes, cooking, vacuuming etc. Just put on the headphones and you’re good to go! Here are a few we recommend - Rakesh Tiwari's Qissa shehron ka, Gaurav Kapur's Breakfast with Champions, Kenneth Sebastian's Simple Ken, Pooja Dhingra's No sugar Coat. 

Love talking? Then there’s a universe waiting to listen to you. Remember those horror stories you shared in the classroom, can now become your podcast. Talk about food, music, even your favourite football or cricket team - anything that you are super passionate about. And if you’re thinking how to get started? Here’s an idea, you can pitch it to Spotify and Kommune and they might just help you produce it. Check out the deets here. They are also hosting online workshops on how to start your own podcast along with helpful podcast bootcamps by renowned influencers. 

All the cool kids are here and this is your opportunity to be ahead of the curve. Learn from the biggies who are already on it and make your podcast game strong! You can attend these super fun sessions on Podcasting with Pooja Dhingra, Roshan Abbas, Kalki and many more. 

Pro Tip

So peeps, if you’re looking up to brighten up your skills, check out this new initiative POD'ium that Kommune has launched together with Spotify to help content creators create even more amazing podcasts. Check their upcoming workshops and join the community here. We suggest, sign up NOW!