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An Eight-Course Pork Dinner And Craft Beer? Only At This Pop-Up

Apoorva posted on 05 October

What Is It?

Do you love your pork? Head to an eight-course pork special meal next week, called The Pork Degustation, with dishes from across the country and craft beer pairings.

Who Is It For?

For those who think pork is the superior meat, and who have woken up to the fact that India's cuisine is very ahead of the curve when it comes to this meat. Though most of the menu is a surprise, diners can look forward to pork staples from the North-East, as well as more unexpected pork bits - the menu is a 'snout to tail' concept, so don't expect your typical pulled pork burgers here.

Why Should I Go?

The chef, Aditya Raghavan, is a cheesemaker who has been experimenting with pop-ups and culinary tours for a while now, and we're excited to see what he comes up with. Though we've seen a lot of these pork-focussed dinners such as The Swine Dine and The Divine Pig over the years, there's always more to be said about - and eaten - with pork.

Anything Else?

The dinner will be plated eight courses, starting with four small plates, a soup, a small main, a larger main and one dessert. It will also include four fun craft beer pairings. So eat light and be ready to feast.

What: The Pandi Degustation

Where: Bandra {venue to be finalised later}

When: 7.30pm, Fri, Oct 14

Price: INR 2,800

Check out the event on Ista Mojo here.

Featured photo source: Pixabay