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The Pride Parade Is Back And It's Going To Be Bigger This Year

Harish posted on 02 February

What Is It?

The Queer Azaadi Mumbai pride parade is being organised on February 3 {3pm onwards} at August Kranti Maidan, Gowlia Tank, near Grant Road Station. Here are some things you should know, and why you should attend.

Queer Azaadi Mumbai is one of the biggest LGBT events in Mumbai. It is usually organised on the first Saturday after the Indian Republic Day, to reinforce or fight for the constitutional right of the LGBTQ community to live a life of dignity without any discrimination. Every year, thousands set out from August Kranti Maidan near Grant Road station at 3pm with their banners, posters, props and colourful attire.

Who Is It For?

Pride is for everybody. Section 377 affects everybody. It criminalises even non-procreatory consensual sex between heterosexual couples. Everyone who attends the pride is not from the LGBTQ community. There are people who are friends, supporters, parents, professors and extended family members who will be attending the pride.

Why Should I Go?

Because you respect equal rights. Because you believe in letting your hair down for a day. And because, you are awesome.

Slogans like “Hum Nahi Hai Apradhi, Humein Chahiye Aazadi”, “Kaunsa Law Hai Sab Se Batthar, Teen Sau Sathatthar, Teen Sau Sathatthar” and “I am Gay, That’s OK” fill the air. It is a mix of activism and celebration of varied genders and sexualities. Besides activists, you would get to listen to passionate speeches from mothers of LGBT persons, professors, student bodies, doctors, medical students and many more.

Anything Else?

The Queer Azaadi Mumbai pride march is the second pride march in the country that is disabled-friendly after the Namma Pride in Bangalore. Mobicabs is offering free travel to the pride venue for disabled persons and senior citizens. Blind With Camera, a group of visually impaired photographers, will be photographing the event side by side with sighted photographers. They will be the official photographers for the day along with QGraphy a queer photography support group.

There would be medical students marching under the banner “Future Doctors For Equality”. There are students of different institutes marching under a banner called “Students For Equality”. There is a group of young mothers marching under the banner “Journey About Mast Moms”. There are several diverse groups including a group for the disabled persons. It’ll be a day full of excitement, pride and of course colour.

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