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Love Sleeping? Make Your Bed The Cosiest Zone In Your Home With These 7 Products

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Raise your hands if you can spend hours just lying on your bed. Either scrolling endlessly through social media, watching a Netflix series with a pizza slice in hand or simply starring at the walls (no worries, we do that all the time)! Well, then we assume your bed's your best friend. And we've got ideas on how to make your bed the comfiest zone on the planet (slight exaggeration)! But we like it that way. 

Here's a fun guide. You'll enjoy it, promise! 

Nothing Like A Quality Bedsheet Set

Solid White Cotton Single Bedsheet Set

Solid White Cotton Single Bedsheet Set


Most of us kinda overlook this, to be honest. But, discovering that perfect bedsheet is worth the time and the money spent. And quite honestly nothing beats a crisp solid white bedsheet. House This has a bunch of solids or printed florals in soothing tones like this one.

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A Cosy Quilt Can Never Go Wrong

Mogra Block Printed Quilt - Double (With Two Cushion Covers -18"x18" )

Mogra Block Printed Quilt - Double (With Two Cushion Covers -18"x18" )


Whether it's winters, monsoon, or summer, if you're one of those who always needs a blanket or a quilt to sleep, then you will agree when I say they're the epitome of comfort. This one from Raamae, although slightly on a higher-end, is so soft (as it's made from cotton) and comes with two cushion covers so you can match and create a whole vibe 

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Comfortable Pillows Are Key

SleepyCat Slim Pillow

SleepyCat Slim Pillow


Let's get the basics right before we get into knick-knacks and decor, it's important for you to get yourself a pillow that works for you. There are many types, shapes, and sizes available in the market. The most sought-after type is a cotton pillow

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Throw In Some Soft Cushions To Add The #CosyVibes

Floral Enhancement Ruffled Cover

Floral Enhancement Ruffled Cover


Cushions are one the easiest way to instantly add some cosiness and a pop of colours. And I've picked these floral ones with cutesy frill around them. If you're got a simple bedsheet, even better! As these will instantly elevate the look. 

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Canopy To Glamp It Up

Canopy Tent

Canopy Tent


Canopy-style bedding is for kids. Says who? This cutesy decor idea is the easiest way to add that cosiness factor and make it a little tent. Add some fairy lights, feathers or poms-poms - and there, you've converted your space into a Pinteresty wonderland or a mini-island. 

Fairy Lights Can Never Go Wrong

Handmade LED String Lights - Orange Petals with Hearts

Handmade LED String Lights - Orange Petals with Hearts


This one is the most effective and the easiest addition. Lazy folks, we've got you! From infusing feel-good vibes to shooing away dullness, fairy lights have always been our go-to option when it comes to decorating our bedroom. Hang up some fairy lights and photographs on the wall against your bed and you're sorted. 

Soothing Aromatherapy Set To Calm You

Mandala Oil Burner

Mandala Oil Burner


This cannot be missed out on. After a long day at work or just a tiring workout, nothing feels better than a sweet-smelling room that just uplifts your mood. And we found this aesthetic oil diffuser that can easily match most homes.

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Now that you have your room looking all snug and comfy, how about a warm mug of hot chocolate (we've got great hot chocolate blends) or a great book to help set the mood?