Christmas is around the corner and you still do not what to gift your friends, right? Well we have all the answers for you with these four quirky stores that offer products on a budget.

Happily Unmarried


Photo source: Happily Unmarried

This site offers perfectly quirky gifts for your friends. Their product range comprises everything- from household stuff to accessories that every person would love to have in their homes. They also have a men’s range, Ustra, that’s ideal for a man who needs a little TLC for his beard. Click here to check out their website.

Tappu Ki Dukaan

Photo source: Tappu Ki Dukaan

Photo source: Tappu Ki Dukaan

This one’s another site that offers some of the quirkiest products that can light up your favorite space at your home. It has awesome bar products such as the film reel wine rack that’s perfect for your friends who are hardcore Bollywood lovers. They also have interesting household and personal use items. Click here to check their website.


Photo source: Propshop 24

Photo source: Propshop 24

This really cool website has a diverse range of products that caters to married and bachelor friends. The best part about this website is that they will give you multiple gifting options that suit every kind of a pocket. Click here to check their website.

Featured photo source: Alan Cleaver via flickr [CC BY 2.0]