Express With Candles: Buy These Soy Wax Candles That Come With Quirky Quotes

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Rad Living

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What Makes It Awesome

Candles are very versatile- you can buy them for your home if you love beautiful aromas, plus they also make for a great gifting option. They're just in one corner of the room but they're so magical once lit. This brand doesn't just make your ordinary candles, but the ones that also have super quirky personality or festive quotes written on them. Interesting right?

Rad Living, founded in 2020, decided to move over the mundane and come up with 'Truth Bomb' candles made with natural soy wax instead. The brand recognized how 2020 has shaped everyone's experiences and curated candles for different themes like ‘Work From Home’, ‘Procrastination’, 'Vegans', ‘New Found Bakers’ and more. There's a cucumber lemonade scent for Vegans, almond and shea butter for Makeup Hoarders and lavender tobacco for Writer’s Block.

Each candle comes with relatable AF quotes. Like there's a candle for Geeks, which says- 'We aren't sure if there's anything that's still left to be known by you, but do you know Melody itni chocolaty kyun hai?' With so much quirk, fragrance, and awesomeness, how do you not buy these candles? 

Shell Out: INR 845 onward


Rad Living has come up with a collection called F.L.Y- First Love Yourself, and the candles here are equally quirky.