Head To This Kandivali Stall For Super Cheesy Pasta Sandwiches And More


    Feeling a little adventurous with your sandwiches tonight? Head to Akkad Bakkad Bombay Boo in Kandivali West for some delicious grub.

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    This small shop/stall is hidden away in a lane in Bhagat Nagar, Kandivali West. The menu is going to drive you crazy with confusion – should I go for an open sandwich or the cheesy options or the fusion options?

    We suggest you pick the super cheesy Chit Chat Sandwich or the Red Indian Pasta Sandwich. Both are mind blowing. The Red Indian Pasta sandwich comes with a filling of macaroni pasta, onions, capsicum and a spicy green chutney and is loaded with cheese. It makes you teary-eyed with all the spiciness and yet makes you long for more.

    The place is generally full and a little parking is available. Also be prepared to wait a while for your order, because, you know how all good things take time, right?

    So, We're Saying...

    Head to AB3 {that’s what’s it’s called, okay?} soon and treat yourself to one of the delights!


    You can trust Google Maps to take you to the correct location!