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    Read Out Love Letters And More To A Room Full Of Strangers At The Reading Room

    Jayati posted on 26 July

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    A room full of strangers reading out letters to each other is what ‘The Reading Room’ is all about and it’s coming to Mumbai on August 1 at Mumbai Assembly.

    To You, With Love

    Anuja Ghosalkar runs a theatre Company called Drama Queen, so she is no stranger to performance. With The Reading Room, Anuja Ghosalkar is giving strangers a room to read out letters to each other; letters they may have sent out, received or perhaps want to but haven’t mustered the courage to.

    The Reading Room, in that sense, becomes a stage for the participants- they read out loud the letters but only you know which letter is yours.

    From love letters of Karl Marx, to letters on espionage, science, communism or a father to son, Anuja has curated some of the most fascinating and historical love letters for the audience to read. But you may bring in your letter too, and let the words take over the silent room, as the motto of the session is, ‘Talk Less. Read More. Write More.’

    How Does It Work?

    The process is fairly simple here – you register yourself for the session by sending an email. Once you’ve been accepted, you come by to the session with a letter and drop it off with Anuja.

    Along with her own set of curated letters, and the letters that the guests bring in, Anuja mixes them up depending on the content that resonates the most with each other and finally puts them in a numbered envelope.

    Everyone present in the room, then takes chances in reading those letters, one by one. The stage is the room, and you become the audience and the performer. Currently they are only reading out letters in English. However, the plan is to slowly incorporate regional languages as well, something we’re really looking forward to.

    What We Love

    The Reading Room is simply bringing back the art of writing and reading letters, and takes it up a notch above by letting people read those letters out loud.

    Anuja believes, since all the letters are anonymous and given out randomly, you don’t get to read your own letter. Instead, you hear a stranger reading out the content of your letter, in their own tone. In a way, then, the act of reading out brings out the drama of the letter, as the words unfold themselves in a room full of silent but avid listeners.

    Just like an actor prepares for theatre, Anuja sends out the participants an e-mail preparing them for the session. Some pointers include, be audible and do not interact with each other before or during the performance.

    So, We're Saying...

    An initiative like this, not only acknowledges the forgotten form of letter writing, but throws in drama that comes with reading out personal and emotional narratives. The entry is only by registration, and the entry fee is INR 150 {payable at the session}.

    To register for the session, send out an email to

    Find the event on Facebook here.

    Where: The Mumbai Assembly, Bandra West

    When: Tuesday, August 1

    Timings: 6pm to 7.30pm

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      Event Venues
      locationBandra West