Ten-Second Takeaway

Reise – All Day Bar And Kitchen, the Andheri East joint we told you about earlier is offering a pint of beer starting at INR 10 and here’s why you should make this week about tasty beer.

What Is It?

An all-day dining bar with globe trotting elements over the walls, it promises to give you a taste of travels around the world. Now, it’s encouraging you to make your travel resolutions while sipping on beer starting at INR 10. We’re not pulling a fast one on you, folks.


Photo source: Bira91

Starting today, they’ll be serving a Kingfisher pint at INR 10, White Owl beer at INR 20 and the beloved out-of-stock-for-a-long-time Bira for INR 25. The offer is part of their Big Beer Festival that will be on till January 18. They have everything from ales to lagers to some domestic brands at affordable prices.

Who Is It For?

People who love their beer tasty and affordable. INR 10 could buy you an orange off the street but then beer offers so much more than just nutrition. The offer is only open to couples and single females. Bummer.

Why Should I Go?

Working out of Andheri and want to cool off after a long day at work? Or have picked up a friend from the airport and don’t know where to head for a pint? Or do you love your beer cheap and food tasty? Reise has got your back.

So, We’re Saying…

We’re predicting that Andheri folks {and others} will have a beery weekend. Craft beer makes our world go round, especially when it comes at INR 20 a pint.

When: Noon to 8 pm, Jan 9 to Jan 18

To avail the offer message Beer on  +91 7875400854,+91 9967522221, +91 9920250255

Featured photo source: Bira91