Ten-Second Takeaway

Were you under the impression that remote-controlled cars are not for ‘grown-ups’? Let your feet take you to RC Inc. and shatter all such notions.

Zoom On

This hobby involves controlling a RC-cards, which are almost like any real car on the road but miniature in size. The speed of these remote-controlled cards is between 60-100 km/hr, the steering is sensitive and any small part replaceable.


In Andheri exists a space for drivers of such RC cars to practice their skills, and even race with each other on a 700 sq ft track. Only Kyosho Mini Z products are used here, and if you don’t own your own, they can also be bought and rented.

If you have your own MiniZ car, you may bring it here and practise for gratis on the track. If you are an absolute newbie and are in doubt of what a mini Z even is, you can rent a car here for as low as INR 350 for half an hour. Wednesdays and Saturdays are unofficially the days when people come together and race here.

So, We’re Saying…

We’ve just charted out your next weekend plan with your old childhood friends, perhaps? Have fun, and remember to keep a poker face. Remotes – they smell fear.

Photos source: RC India