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    This Subscription Lets You Wear Luxury Brands Starting At INR 799 A Month

    Nupur posted on 02 July


    Move over, book and beauty subscriptions, for a fashion subscription is here to change the game.

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    Urban brokes, it’s time to rejoice. Because it’s not possible for us mortals to buy a Dior dress or a Saint Laurent ensemble, we have found you a solution. Rent It Bae is a fashion subscription that lets you rent an unlimited number of clothes in a month so that you don’t have to shell thousands (or even lakhs) on designer wear.

    How does it work, you ask? You can add two garments and one accessory at one time and make it a box which will be home delivered. After using the products, you can request for an exchange and new products will be delivered to you. This exchange can be done as many time as you wish times in a month. And if shelling INR 4,000 seems a bit much you can try their mini subscription which is priced at INR 799 for seven days.

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    Time to make smart decisions, amigos. What’s it gonna be for you? 

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