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Renting In Mumbai? Five Ways To Decorate Your Room Without Annoying The Landlord

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No nails on the walls, no loud parties and no painting the walls – if you’ve heard this quite often from your landlord, the city doesn’t seem too nice. We get you when you want to put up art on your walls and have dreams of wallpapers touching your walls. When your life is full of clauses, go through this list.

Floor Protector

If your house has wooden floors, you sure get complimented by your friends but only you know the set of instructions it comes with. Even marble floors and tiled floors come with an instruction from the higher power that landlords are. If skid marks from your furniture is a worry, buy these floor pads to protect the floor.

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Glass Bumper Silicone Pads

Have pets and don’t want them sliding on your glass table? While we won’t help you manage them for nobody can stop those furballs from doing what they want. But, having a silicone stopper between the glass and the table can prevent it from going all Matrix on the floor. You can also use these clear stoppers to prevent that annoying thud your door makes on closing.

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Sound-Proof Tape

Nosey neighbours got your party plans in a fix? Get this and never face the day when your owner calls you to talk about what happened last night. This self-adhesive tape lets you trap sound around the edges of your doors and A/C cooling, all at the same time. Comes cheap at INR 1,048, we’re ordering this one already. Available here.

Washi Tape

Washi tape is the best thing to happen to DIY lovers. The world is raving about it and it’s any Pinterest addict’s dream. You can use it to make wall patterns, decorate pots and more. Basically, let your imagination run wild. Made from natural fibers (like bamboo or hemp) or the bark of trees native to Japan – such as mulberry, mitsumata shrub or the gampi tree, it doesn’t peel off the paint on your walls. Seek some inspiration here.

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Wall Hanging Tape

Has your landlord strictly told you not to nail stuff on walls? If that’s what’s keeping you from hanging you framed album art, please meet these picture hanging strips. They are strong and can hold kgs of wall art. And no, the paint doesn’t peel off.

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