What Is It?

A rural skills workshop to test our survival acumen is taking place during the upcoming long {Republic Day} weekend. Location? Way outside our comfort zone. Or technically, in Purushwadi, in the Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra.

P.S. It involves learning awesome off-grid things such as making rafts, fishing with baskets and climbing trees.

Who Is It For?

It’s for those who are undaunted by new tasks, grappling with the wild and roughing it out for a couple of days. It is for the curious and the adventurous, with a backbone in the right place.

Don’t worry about your accommodation and meals, however. It will be organised in advance.

Why Should I Go?

Photo source: Pixabay

Photo source: Pixabay

It’s like hunger games IRL but no one’s going to die. If that sounds intimidating, you can think of it like the adventures of Secret Seven, and it’s all good. From setting up shade, learning about edible plants on a floral walk, making a basic shelter and even a catapult to things like lighting fire, building a raft and fishing using not a net, but a basket.

Anything Else?

The trip costs INR 4,500 in total and will be the experience of a lifetime, and will give you experience for a lifetime.

Book your trip here.

Where: Purushwadi, Maharashtra

When: Sat & Sun, Jan 28 & 29

Price: INR 4,500

Timings: 1pm onwards

Featured photo source: Pixabay