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Say 'I Love You' To Pizza With This Cheesy T-Shirt We Found On Nineteen 51

Nupur posted on 28th December

Ten-Second Takeaway

Nineteen 51 {a reference to the year when the T-shirt was invented} sells T-shirts with a bunch of funky designs, including one with pizza on it. Here’s why you should proclaim your love for it with one of their T-shirts.

What To Buy

An online shop selling only T-shirts, Nineteen 51 is all about detailing. The designs are meticulous and grab your attention, right from the first look. We liked the pizza T-shirt that’ll help us showcase our love for pizza.

Starting at INR 450, they also have a plain, polo and striped T-shirts. Other than creating designs in-house, they also collaborate with initiatives and artists. What’s wonderful is that you don’t have to be an established/popular artist to collaborate with them. Got good designs on you? Hit ’em up.

So, We're Saying...

We love their attention to detail and the the fact that they are fairly priced. Honestly, they had us at pizza T-shirt.

Buy here.


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