Jayati posted on 21st December

Cinnamon, Green Apple, Coffee: Get Festive With These Unique Scented Candles

Ten-Second Takeaway

There’s something about the festive air, it’s sweet-smelling and refreshing. But that’s exactly why we think ’tis the season get out the gorgeous and even sweeter-smelling candles, not just for Christmas but for all festive seasons. Find our picks of the the most unique scented candles that we recommend you buy online now.

Sparkling Wreath

Stored in a tiny inflammable cookie jar, this Ekkam’s sparkling wreath is a revelation in itself. Wreaths are often associated with the Christmas, and with the floral mix scent of balsam and pine, we are loving this one. It’ll last you for 18 hours in total.

Price: INR 225

Buy it here.

Coffee Christmas Styled Bow Candle

This is by Resonance, which makes candles out of vegan or natural wax, and essential oils. This addictive caffeine-scented candle is toxin-free and is made only with all-natural ingredients. If you love coffee as much as we do, this candle is the best thing you can have in your house/kitchen/living room or even your bathroom. Because coffee is bae.

Price: INR 458

Buy it here.

Chocolate Musk

Think Christmas, think pudding, choco plum cake and all sweets in the world. Now get all of that in a small ceramic jar full of delicious sweet-smelling chocolate candle. Created by Zufolo, chocolate musk will liven up your house with the sweet fragrance of vanilla, dark Belgium chocolate with a hint of warm spice notes of cinnamon, all of which is hand-poured into the jar. It’ll last you for about 120 hours.

Price: INR 1,110

Buy it here.


The warm spicy notes of cinnamon are lovely. To bring in this fragrance, buy this cinnamon pillar candle which also serves as a beautiful decor piece.

Price: INR 320

Buy it here.

Green Apple

Refreshing and earthly fragrance of green apple spreading through the entire room is peak Christmas. MyLove makes these soy candles at home and they are as natural as they get.

Price: INR 400

Buy it here.

Frosted Pine

Embrace the chill of the winter and all good things that come associated with it. Get the frosted pine candle for a glorious mix of earthy tones of pine, balsam, holly berry and cinnamon bark with soft lilies and fresh eucalyptus leaves. Isn’t this what holidays are made of?

Price: INR 675

Buy it here.