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What Makes It Awesome

I don't know about you, but I'm spending an awful lot of time online. And while meme pages make you laugh and news pages make you cry, there's something more besides if you're keen to explore and learn (and take a break from either memes or the news!)

That's where Vsauce comes in. Curious minds will have plenty and more to uncover, discover and explore on this virtual platform. Originally started as a YouTube channel on video game comedy, the concept has evolved over the years to deep dive into the fun world of science and the world around us - think everything from Newton to Outer Space. Vsauce collectively encompasses Vsauce1, Vsauce2, Vsauce3 and Ding! which explore learning in a fun and creative way. Content creators and hosts Michael Stevens, Kevin Lieber and Jake Roper are together the faces and voices of content that covers everything from “How Much Does a Shadow Weigh?” to "Can Learning Make You Dumb? (Einstellung Effect" to "Could You Survive Jumanji" - and yeah, we're dying to know too!

If your weeknights look boring and you're really, really don't feel like watching yet another re-run of FRIENDS (no offence, the show's great!) then go ahead and give Vsauce a try. I am partial to Vsauce3 as an avid pop culture fan and Netflix-binger par excellence and gotta say these videos nicely bridge the gap between entertainment and education in an engaging way. Don't blame us if you watch more than a couple in a row.


Head on over to their individual YouTube channels for updated content that's posted regularly.