What Is It?

Looking for a great and quick blow dry at 9am? Serena’s at Astoria Hotel is where you go.

Why Should I Go There?

Bombay weather does not suit my hair at all. Which basically means the days I don’t have my hair wrapped up in a bun, I either make do with looking like Monica Gellar in the Bahamas (or wherever she went), or I get an express blow dry at Serena’s before getting to work.

A very old-school looking parlour, with some of the nicest hair dressers I’ve met, Serena’s is one of the few parlours I’ve found that open at 9am, and aren’t ridiculously expensive. They’re as stacked up as any other parlour in the city, are super clean, and can give a sleek-ass blow dry in under 10 mins.

Anything Else?

They’ve also got the most glorious display of nail paint I’ve seen, with every imaginable colour perched on a shelf- in case you buy some extra time to your nails done, hair done, everything did. Also, please call before you make your way to Serena’s at 9am. They have limited staff at that hour.

Photos source: Serena’s Beauty Salon