Sharing A Room But Want Your Own Space? These Ideas Are What You Need

Nupur posted on 25 June

Ten-Second Takeaway

You know, sometimes we think Mumbai as a city is no different from a local’s coach. It fits in millions but how is still a mystery. If you are or will be a part of this madness soon and are living with a roommate, get some ideas here. So that you don’t end up treading on each other’s space. After all, space is really what we are fighting for in this magical city.

Divide And Cool

Forget the Britishers, we’re talking about taking it easy with privacy in your shared room. Make sure you have an off-time zone that you can easily access. It could be in the form of a curtain or a wooden screen – whatever floats your budget boat. Go for zany curtains or a beautiful wooden screen, so that the room retains its decor charm. Or better, go for colourful blinds.

Check out some options for curtains here and wooden screen here and blinds here.

Make Your Own Den

If you prefer watching your own shows and not getting out of bed for days, The Pod is for you. It a bed cum entertainment unit which not only separates your zone, but is a separate world on its own. If you’re best friends with you roomie, invite them over too.

Check it out it here.

Sharing Is Caring

If you don’t want too much furniture cluttering up the house, share a biggish bedside table and divide the compartments. Get two small ones is also an economical idea, provided you have the space.

Check it out here and here.

Smart Moves

If you are a bookworm and so is your roommate, get a double-sided bookshelf and use it as a partition between your beds. This way, you have your designated space and access to your books. You can even get a rotating one in case you share your books with your roomie. Buy them online or head to Oshiwara furniture market to fin some gems. They can even make one for you.

Check it out here.