Want To Quit Sugar Or Smoking? This Watch Will Give You A Shock Every Time You Do it

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    Have you heard of the famous Pavlov’s Dog Experiment in which Russian physiologist, Ivan Pavlov, rang a bell every time he fed his dogs? The dogs eventually started associating the sound of bell to the food, so much so that even when Pavlov would ring the bell without any food, they would salivate.

    This classic conditioning is also the foundation of aversion therapy which can be used to break habits. That is exactly what Pavlok shock band uses to get you out of any bad habit you do not want to carry ahead in your life.

    What Makes It Awesome

    If you are struggling to break out of any bad habit like oversleeping, smoking, unhealthy eating, nail biting, negative thoughts or wasting time, you need to start using Pavlok. What does the gadget exactly do? Well, it gives you a shock every time you do something you don’t want to so that your brain starts associating the feeling of discomfort to that particular action. Eventually, your brain will be conditioned to not even want to do the thing, since it will remind you of the unpleasant shock feeling.

    The device can zap you with 50-to-450 volts upon request. The electrical stimulus is carefully designed so that it is enough to be uncomfortable, but not so strong that it hurts. The shock clock is CE/FCC certified and is safe and effective.

    All you have to do is download the app and choose the habit you want to break. Pavlok integrates with sensors, friends, and GPS to keep you on track with your goals. So, anytime it senses that you are giving in to the habit you want to break, it gives you a shock. You can also select the manual mode for habits that aren’t yet detectable. Using Pavlok, you get out of a bad habit by literally changing your behaviour.

    Pavlok is also a very effective alarm clock as it not only wakes you up but keeps you awake too. 

    Case Study

    Tasha, who is a Pavlok user, broke her habit of eating sugar using the manual mode. She manually pressed the button and shocked herself all the time she gave in and had a sweet. After a few times, her brain associated the discomfort of a shock to the sweet craving and taste and she didn’t even feel like eating sugar after that.


    Well, you have found a solution to breaking a bad habit by completely getting it out of your system. It trains your brain and changes your behaviour. One it’s done, you won’t even have any cravings left to fight with.

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