Glow With The Flow: Get Customised Neon Lights For Your Room From This E-Store

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    What Makes It Awesome

    From glamming up American streets as early as the 80s to swiftly making entry into our Pinterest feed - neon lights is a lighting trend that's picked up massively in the last decade. Modern, gram-worthy and LIT af, neon lights is one of the easiest ways to bring home those oh-so-cool vibes and dramatize dull corners or walls. While I am a big sucker for neon lights, I've found two more folks who're not just neon light junkies but have also turned their fascination for neon lights into a full-fledged venture. Say hello to Neon Decors. Kickstarted in 2019 by two friends - Deepanshu Aggarwal and Radhika Gupta, their venture also happens to be India's first e-store of neon LED lights.    

    From motivational quotes to inspirational symbols and from your name to cafe signages - Neon Decors does it all. Pretty rainbows, beer, heavenly wings, quotes like 'Good Vibes Only', 'Follow Your Dreams', and lots more options. In a nutshell, you name it, and they'll customise the best option for you. Neon lights are a great way to grab eyeballs, infuse your personality in your space and simply shoo away those dull corners. All the neon signs are designed by the founders at their workshop in New Delhi. So, if you have any specific idea or theme in mind, all you've gotta do is have a quick chat with them and they'll come up with their best creation for you. 

    Handcrafted and handmade with LED, all their neon lights are mounted on backboards and are super easy to install. Unlike the traditional glass neons, the good folks at Neon Decor use the latest LED flex technology which makes their neons durable, safer and energy-efficient as well. 

    The pricing of their lights start from INR 3,500 (12 inch per sq ft)! The standard colours which they offer are cool white, warm white, red, green, navy blue, ice blue, yellow, purple, orange and pink. Psst, we hear pink is their bestseller!   

    Apart from adding a cool vibe to your space, office, terrace, bar or workstation, these neon lights also a great gifting option fo your friends and family. Trust me, they'll really appreciate a gift this cool!     


    Oh, and they not just ship all over India, but globally. 

      Available Online