Snacks, Healthy Drinks & Gourmet Food: It's Time To Stock Up Your Kitchen


Fructus Terra

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What Makes It Awesome

We've stumbled upon an awesome organic store that has every single thing (yes, we aren't kidding!) we can think of using. Okay, let's begin, shall we? Bath and body essentials to brownies and muffins, dips and syrups to organic honey, gourmet food to energy drinks and healthy juices -  we've looked at tons of options that are going to keep us really happy for a long time. 

Now if you're a snack lover like us, head straight to the gourmet food section where they've got an array of ready-to-eat meals like mixed khichdi, instant porridge mix, gluten-free chips, Mysore dosa, Pongal and a lot more. We're also huge fans of beverages (I mean, tea and coffee, anyone?!) so their stock of these 'necessary' beverages is just what we need. Plus, they have tea accessories, too, and even healthy juices (yum!), energy drinks and smoothies.  

Now coming to our favourite section - Bath & Beauty. If you're like us and love hoarding products from this particular category, get ready to fall head over heels in soapy, bubbly delight - bath salts, massage oils, shower gels, face wash and masks, makeup products and so much more to entice us, right? And let's not forget that they have a whole section for men's grooming as well.

The price range starts from INR 150 and upwards. Got something you've liked? Leave us a comment below! 


They've even got a bunch of other categories like pet care, baby care, home decor, stationery, vegan and Ayurvedic products too. Do check them out!