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Show Some Skills And Take Home A Magnetic Fields Ticket

Rene posted on 05 September

What Is It?

Magnetic Fields festival has an awesome deal for the naturally gifted. As a part of their creative barter, they’re inviting applications from those who can offer a gift/activity in return for a free pass! Not only this, the chosen applicants also get to pitch their own tent for free. The theme for this year is 'navigation'.

So, re-route your priorities and prepare your case – the last day to file applications is Oct 7 {5pm sharp}.

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Who Is It For?


Photo courtesy: Nishant Shukla

People who like maps, mysticism and geometry {because hello, theme navigation}. Can you find your way through the craziest maze? Map the course of future events? Or have a secret way to traverse space and time? You have to apply.

Also, those who can conduct meaningful workshops, share valuable skills or create immersive acting experiences, give it a shot.

If none of the above are your strong points, you can get by with trippy themed rangoli, face art and/or intriguing nomadic dress-up.

These are just some ideas though. If you can think wackier, hit them up.

Why Should I Go For It?

For three full days of uninhibited lazing on the lawns, listening to music, bonding with like-minded people, flying kites, finding yourself at random parties and eating. But all this is what everyone else pays for. You however, can pay with your talent.

Anything Else?

This free pass to be at the event {with your own camp} does not include travel, parking, food and expenses incurred on the accessories you bring for your act.

Also, be prepared to answer the following questions on the application form: How you will interact with festival goers, how many people are involved in your act, the exact roles of the participants, past performance credentials and finally, proof {with images, sketches and attachments} that ascertain that you can carry out the act you offer to present.

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Featured photo courtesy: Meesha Holly