This Mumbai-Based Brand Promotes Zero Waste & Creates Biodegradable Products

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    Shunya is a Mumbai-based company that creates zero waste and organic products from your journals, Rumi postcards to utensils in an effort to push forward a sustainable environment.

    Say Bye To Plastic

    Shunya was started off by Yash and Sachi, Mumbai born and brought up sibling duo who have a very green and conscientious way of life. Taking that life philosophy and molding it into their brand was something that organically led to Shunya.

    It promotes absolute zero waste and zero footprints, that is, most of their products are recyclable and organic. If you’d been to looking for better and eco-friendly options, this one is for you. Their products are handmade, most of the times sourced locally and biodegradable. There’s the disposable table wear, toothbrushes, bamboo straws, tote bags and gorgeous journals, and postcards.

    What We Love

    This planet can do without plastic, and we’re loving Shunya’s dedication to taking a step towards that. All of their products are homemade, and bio-degradable that means they do not contribute to pressing amount of plastic and non-degradable items available in market already.

    They have all kinds of products up for grabs. Their table goodies {INR 150 upwards} including bowls, plates are created in the most organic way, using sugarcane fibre, wheat straw fibre, birch wood and Areca leaves – all in the spirit to stay green.

    However, one of our favourite products are the Rumi-inspired postcards {sold by Roots, another homegrown brand}. The pages of the postcards are made with recycled paper and come in sets of eight with beautiful photos of the classic monuments reminiscent of the Sufi era.

    So, We're Saying...

    India generates at least 15,342 tonnes of plastic every single day, and that is a staggering statistics. Shunya, in their own way, are contributing and giving back to the nature.

    To buy their products, go here.

      Available Online