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A New Play Showing At The NCPA Has A Brinjal As Its Main Protagonist

Jayati posted on 25th November

What Is It?

An interesting play will be feautured at the NCPA Centrestage 2016 titled 'Dhaaba' directed by Choiti Ghosh - with a unique element to it - it's a non-verbal play with brinjal as its protagonist. It's being held at the Godrej Dance Theatre, NCPA 8 pm onwards.

Who Is It For?

Anyone who enjoys theatre and unique plays that deals with social observations and wit. Directed by Choiti Ghosh and enacted by Choiti Ghosh and fellow comedian Padma Damodaran - the play is an intriguing object theatre performance produced by Tram Art Trust Production starring above and all the veggie king ' baingan'.

The play features the tiny but a wonderful world of 'baingan' in a roadside dhaba, wherein a customer may order whatever they like as long as it is a baingan dish because that's all the dhaba knows. A purple world of baingan - with their different shades of purple and sizes - have their own societal order. This until a day they suddenly wake up to an odd sack of round, brown and dusty things - a new entrant of vegetables in their society - which they name 'aloo' {potatoes}. As the days pass and it progresses the 'baingans' come to the realisation of the existence of more veggies than what they'd known of.

Why Should I Go?

This rather unusual play will resort to non-verbal theatrics - which will include signboards, veggies and Choiti and Padma's interaction with the audience. Joining one dot to the other - the audience will be left to their own interpretations and societal judgement. Go for a unique theatre experience and to see how baingan reacts to something that is unknown to them all their life.


The play by its object performance aims to reflect the relevant social issues faced by people across the world - a take on the societal bubble one often lives in. Since the play required the audience to remain alert and active - they will have a talk with the audience prior to the commencement of the play and then follow it up with an after-play talk, according to Midday. Choiti plays the head chef at the Dhaaba, and Padma is the sous chef.

So, We're Saying…

A vegetable play with veggies as their leads and props - we think this one is a must-go-and-watch. It's current, relevant and extremely novel.

Where:  The Godrej Dance Theatre, NCPA

When: Saturday, 26 November, 8pm onwards

Price: INR 250

Book your tickets on bookmyshow here.

Photos courtesy: Choiti Ghosh

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