Ten-Second Takeaway

Sixteen stitches is a men’s clothing brand that sells customised, high-quality shirts, and we’re loving the fit.

What To Shop


The website allows and guides consumers to self measure and select their shirts. The website allows users all over the world to style their own made-to-measure shirts from a range of high quality fabrics {sourced from mills across the world} with extensive detailing like monogrammed initials and button hole threads at a price cheaper than off-the-rack brands.

They also have a line of interesting cuff links {including moustache ones, which we loved} and some scarves and pocket squares.

How It Works

Once the user places an order, an order sheet is generated which is thoroughly checked before production. After it’s checked, the production begins.

Their standard range includes odd collar sizes across patterns and weaves. The pricing is based on the fabric you select and the customizations made on the shirt. All additional charges will be notified to you while you design your shirt and before the transaction is concluded.


So, We’re Saying…

If you have a hard time finding that perfect fit, check out this website and stock up for the ongoing wedding season.

Check out the website here.

Photos source: 16 Stitches