Say Bonjour To Bae: Slink & Bardot Is The Parisian Eatery You Must Head To With Your Better Half


    This Parisian eatery at Worli has the most authentic French food to and here’s all that you can look forward to.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Located right off the Sea link in Worli, in what looks like and is known as the fishing village a.k.a. koliwada, Slink & Bardot stands there in all its glory {only if you find it}. Beautiful inside out, this restaurant will transport you to a quiet French town where you will find yourself swooning to some pleasing music and gorging on some delicious food, all while sipping on your favourite poison. This restaurant-cum-lounge isn’t very easy to spot though. It’s barely noticeable from the outside, but once you set foot inside, it’s a whole new world.

    Co-owner Nick Harrison will walk you into a world of culinary excellence, where small plates are served aplenty, and large-hearted conversations over food are guaranteed. Go here to eat, go here to drink or go here to make merry, there are plenty of reasons why you and I would want to be here. Low relaxed seating and quiet corner spaces that promise privacy and space to enjoy a delicious meal- carefully curated by Parisian Chef Alexis Gielbaum, this restaurant should be high up there on your wishlist. The menu here showcases small plates of the classic French cuisine with a twist and we can’t wait to gorge on them all.


    Need we say anything more to make you cancel all other plans and make your way to this Worli village to get a taste of some delectable French dishes?