Slum Soccer

    Slum Soccer, Nagpur

    Jayati posted on 05 May

    If you’re willing to get involved with sports and help out the kids of slum area in Nagpur, then this NGO is for you. A lovely initiative that aims to change the lives of kids who live in marginalised areas of Nagpur through the sport of football. Their aim is get more and more kids involved in the sport, and to nurture them to find a space wherein they enjoy themselves and empower themselves.

    Volunteering with Slum Soccer is a full time commitment and they expect the volunteer to stick around for a minimum two weeks. There’s a proper process involved in the recruitment of volunteers and interns {especially university enrolled students}. The volunteers can get involved in coaching, administration, promotion or even raising funds for the NGO.

    Find more information and apply for this programme here.

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