This Small Eatery Serves The Most Epic Malvani Thali

    Santacruz West, Mumbai


    Santacruz-Juhu stretch has a new Malvani (and Chinese) address in SolKurry, and we’re not kidding when we say this- it serves the most satiating meal you will eat in long. Don’t believe us? Check it out yourself.

    Chow Down

    It’s no secret that Santacruz and Juhu are home to some insane eateries in Mumbai. There’s a new addition to their arsenal that’s now serving Malvani and Chinese. You can expect to fill your tummies with chicken thali (INR 280), bangda thali (INR220), crab masala (INR 265) and more when it comes to Malvani fare. Seafood-lovers will have the most amazing time here because we truly and wholeheartedly loved (and gorged) on their fish thali. The spread was enough for two people to dig in and cry ‘I’m so full’ later.

    And obviously, if you need to switch over to the dark side, it will welcome you with a pair of chopsticks. Try the chicken Hong Kong (INR 230), crab stick (INR 210), burnt garlic fried rice (INR 190) or fish fingers (INR 230).

    The interiors are inviting and the ambience, cosy. You’ll see glimpses of Mumbai’s daily life (Mario Miranda-like illustrations) packaged well with a menu that will entice you with the options. It’s a casual eatery on the road towards Juhu – great for quick lunch if you’re around.

    So, We're Saying...

    If you love exploring local cuisines, or just are a fan of excellent Konkani food, then why haven’t you been here yet?


    Great for ‘let’s grab a quick bite’ scene, skip for dates.

      Santacruz West, Mumbai