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Hanging Around Juhu? Head To Dakshinayan For Spicy Molgapodi Idli


    Dakshinayan in Juhu is heaven for anyone who loves South Indian food – and it won’t burn your pocket with its prices.

    Chow Down

    One of the best South Indian restaurants in town, you can get everything from idli to rasam rice and ice cream here. They serve some of the best sambhar and coconut chutney I’ve had in town – it’s not sweet and is actually served from a jug, so don’t worry about having to ask for extra.

    Once you’ve found a spot to sit, order the molgapodi idli – steamed and served with a ghee and gunpowder seasoning, this is the best I’ve had in town. Next up, try the rava garlic dosa, the rasam rice and the bisibele bhat. For dessert, wind things up with their homemade ice cream, which includes flavours like mango, choco-chip and rose almond.

    Sip On

    The one must-have drink here is the ginger ale. Made in a limited quantity, it’s a heavenly mixture of ginger, lemon, soda and spices, and is very refreshing, especially as soon as you get place to sit, which can take some time. Also, since it’s a South Indian restaurant, the filter coffee is a must-try.

    Anything Else?

    This restaurant is near Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple in Juhu, and the first rule of heading to this place is to have patience. If it’s full, it can take up to 45 minutes to get a table. But once you’re in, you’ll get quick service and amazing food.