Ten-Second Takeaway

Kala Ghoda is taking on a new passenger with Hitchki, a new restaurant and bar which will serve nostalgia on a plate.

What’s It About?

Hichki, which most of us have been told is an occurrence when someone is missing us, is coming to us like a blast from the past. The ambience, food and music here too is meant to help us travel through time and memories. Kala Ghoda has seen a slight dearth of places where you can just sit and grab a drink at, but that gap is going to be filled.

When it comes to food {and it always, always does}, the menu is a mix of Indian dishes with a contemporary, slightly quirky element to it. Expect something like a chocolate roti porridge {reminds us of a food experiment conducted by us in our early youth}, coastal fish curry, and a bacon pancake lasagne. No you aren’t the only one intrigued here.

We hear that cocktails will be unusual, like the food, but will also keep a few safe back-ups. We are also excited about taking the reigns of the music here with their {functional} jukebox set up.

So, We’re Thinking…

It’s kind of nice to have another place in one of Mumbai’s most beautiful lanes to dawdle time away in. We will paying it a visit soon, will we see you there too?

The restaurant opens on Monday, August 22.

Featured photo courtesy: Hitchki