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Party Planning? Rent Board Games By The Week For INR 80 And Upwards

Shalvi posted on 25th October

Ten-Second Takeaway

Bored of the same old house parties? Up the cool quotient with these amazing board games from Game Changer that you can rent out for as cheap as INR 80 for one whole week.

What, What?

We all love board games and there’s no better way of having a fun group activity {especially a drunken one} than involving a board game in your party. We came across Dipti Goel’s venture, Game Changer, an online board game rental service that boasts of having over 20 amazing games that will surely spice up your next house party. A fun mix of strategy and drinking games, many of which are also not easily available around, you can place an order for these games from her Facebook page. Currently she works out of Churchgate and doesn’t have the option of home delivery, but you could simply head over to her house and pick them up.

Look forward to fun games such as Catan {INR 660 per week}, Twister {INR 80 per week}, Battle Ship {INR 100 per week}, Rummikub {INR150 per week}, Risk It {INR 300}, Scattegories {INR 200 per week}, Sequence {INR 300}, Cards Against Humanity {INR 330 per week}, Drunk Stoned or Stupid {INR 200 per week}, Kings {INR 130 per week} and many, many more apart from your regular Scrabble, Jenga, Monopoly and such. You have to give in a refundable deposit {which varies for each of the games} which will be given back to you when you return the game.

So, We're Saying...

Why spend the money when you can simply rent out a game for cheap? We suggest you try this out for your next party and we’re sure you won’t regret the decision. Click here to place your order.


Place your order in advance as her games get booked pretty fast during weekends, festivals and other such occasions.

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