Pay INR 182 & Sponsor A Year's Worth Of Sanitary Pads For A Student In Rural Maharashtra


Our day couldn’t have started on a better note. Maharashtra government is finally doing something about female hygiene in the state.

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In what can be quoted as one of the best decisions of the year, the Maharashtra government is bridging the gap between female hygiene and the public. As reported here by Hindustan Times, Asmita Fund has been set up to bring personal hygiene closer to the rural areas. Allowing you to sponsor a year’s worth of sanitary pads for a girl, all you need to do is go here and pay INR 182. That’s it.

Now, isn’t that amazing? Considering the penetration of sanitary napkins was as low as 17% in the state. As a result of which, girls ended up missing school. The situation finally has some relief with this scheme.

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We’re ecstatic at the thought of it. You should join in and spread the word!

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