Clueless And With It: We Attended A Show At Lakme Fashion Week

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What happens when someone clueless about fashion lands up at the Lakme Fashion Week? Read on to find out.

At The Show

Being new to fashion and all things fancy, we snapped up the chance to attend the designer Payal Khandwala’s show this weekend. Our first sign that we might be woefully out of place was when we saw willowy models ordering double cheeseburgers at the McDonalds in Lower Parel {where we had stopped for a light snack}. Undaunted, we continued to the show happening next door, at the St Regis hotel.

When fashion beckons, you go {even if you’re weighed down by what was supposed to be a light snack}.

We rushed through a crowd to enter the hall in time for Khandwala’s show. The music here was glorious and her collection, themed The New Emperor, featured Indo-Western outfits in earthy red, brown, green and gold colours. The make-up was gold foil on the lips, and the ensemble adorned were beautiful Banarasi silk skirts and dupattas with velvet Fizzy Goblet juttis.

We saw high-necked buttoned-up shirts along with embellishments and a big gold motif of a lion adorned on the clothes. It was dramatic, intense and to us, it seemed that the models were walking with a sad purposefulness.

What We Did Next

After that, we made our way to where our nose led us – to the food. This area was on the Lyf Terrace on the same floor, and was gorgeously lit up with fairy lights on the ceiling. While the world around us was hobnobbing and buzzing, we had a tub of noodles, a Greek salad with feta cheese and an American cheesecake with chocolate cookies on top, and we must say, this was the pièce de résistance of the entire experience for us.

While chowing down, we saw some brilliantly put-together people in cute outfits as well, such as Neha Singh from Cord wearing cute silver sneakers and a maroon and blue ruffled dress, and also funky all-denim outfits by this young brand Doodleage. We also chanced upon graphic designer Shweta Malhotra’s art exhibit on the terrace with her fashion illustrations displayed there, which we loved. {You can buy and view her art here.}

So We're Saying...

While it was awesome to look at amazing fashion and felt like a live Instagram feed, we were a little lost for the weary when it came to fashion-speak. Until then, we are just going to ask, ‘Oh my God, I love your skirt! Where did you get it?’


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